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If you're looking for high quality and personal service, you've come to the right place.  


We pride ourselves in offering a consistent, quality product in all of our locations.  We use top quality ingredients and premium cheese.  We take no shortcuts.  Every Pizza, Sub, Salad, and Appetizer is made to order. Our Wings are prepared Fresh, not pre-cooked.  They take a few extra minutes but are worth the wait!!


Pizzadelic started in 2004 when we purchased an existing pizza shop in Halifax.  We continued to grow and we now have 4 Locations to serve you.  Lower Sackville, Fall River, Clayton Park and Mount Uniacke.  Each location is an independently owned Franchise.  We strive to offer your the same taste, quality and presentation no matter which location you choose to visit.

Our Pizza

The pizza business is competitive, to say the least. It seems you can buy a pizza on every corner.  Having just a good pizza is not good enough. That is why we work hard to ensure you have GREAT pizza every time you visit.   We serve only traditional crust…hand-tossed pizza dough.  None of that greasy, fast-food pan pizza here!!  It might take a couple of minutes longer...but it’s certainly worth the wait!

Our Dough

If you want to make really great pizza, you have to start at the bottom.  We make our dough from scratch, FRESH every day.  All dough is weighed for consistency.

Our Sauce

The 2nd part of making a great pizza has got to be the sauce.  Our Homemade sauce is seasoned just right, not too spicy but still full of flavor.

Our Cheese

At Pizzadelic, we use only 100% premium mozzarella cheese.  Cheese on every pizza is weighed for consistency.  Our goal is to make every pizza have the same great appearance and flavor every time. 

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